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Cycle 7

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Our 7th cycle has just Begun.  So far, our applicants have been assigned the shoots The Many Faces of Madonna and David Bowie, Barbie and Ken: E! True Hollywood Story, and High Fashion Laundrymat.  Who will be Livejournal’s Next Top Model???  Find out at

Cycle 6

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Cycle 6 was short lived, but had an exciting run.  It had the shortest application round in LJNTM history: 1 week with 15 applicants.  I’m still trying to figure out how the Hell that happened.  After the application round, the whopping 15 dwindled down to a still impressive, 11 contestants.  We were happy to have Natt from cycle 4 join us once again as a contestant.  The themes for this cycle were as follows…

 silent film, shipwrecked, musicals, beautyshots, sexy secretary, pajama part ads, and 10 page fashion spread: dressed to kill

Tanya, the winner, managed to do consistantly well.   Tanya

Cycle 5

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During the final week of LJNTM Cycle 4, the other judges and I were very eager to start LJNTM Cycle 5.  This cycle was one of our most promising cycles.  Our application round only lasted a couple of weeks, and we were more than impressed with our crop of girls.  We did, however, end up having a large amount od drop outs, but that didn’t stop us from having an amazing cycle.  We had themes such as Clueless, Chicago, 1960s Mod, Model Inspiration, Doppelganger, 8 Page Fashion Spread, Botanical Beautyshots, and Art Inspiration.  Each of the girls showed an overwhelming amount of growth throughout the competition, but only one of them could be the winner.  We decided that Helene would be our winner for LJNTM Cycle 5.  Helene

The ORIGINAL Livejournal’s Next Top Model

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What is “Livejournal’s Next Top Model?” one may ask.  Simply put, it’s the Livejournal version of the ever popular television show America’s Next Top Model.  Girls interested in modeling apply, and if they make it to the contestant round, they submit pictures every week based on a particular theme.  Sometimes the pictures are extremely beautiful, sometimes not so much.  No matter what, the community is always full of excitement, hard work, creativity, and the occasional drama.  Currently in it’s 7th cycle, LJNTM has now opened it’s door to male applicants.  Don’t be fooled!  This is not the 1st time that this has been done.  In cycle 2 of LJNTM, we were delighted to have 2 male applicants join us.  Unfortunately, that community turned out to be a bit of a flop (along with the 3rd cycle, as well). 

For a couple of months, I decided not to open anymore LJNTM communities.  I became discouraged.  The applicants never seemed to turn in pictures, and if they did, they were never up to par.  My judges had the tendency to vanish on me, and it often took months to generate enough applicants to actively  participate in the competition after they applied.  Often times, people would apply and then drop out.  It wasn’t until one of my close friends told me how much she would love to be a judge in a new LJNTM that a gained enough energy, willingness, and strength to finally open up another LJNTM.

LJNTM Cycle 4 was opened in October of 2005.  We had much hope for it in the beginning, but as the months went on, and little to know applications were submitted, we began to get a bit skeptical about the community ever really taking off.  It wasn’t until late November – Early December that we began to have a steady flow of applicants.  The judes and I realized that there was hope after all.  We were introduced to Stefanie, Natt, and Daniela  among several other eager girls.Things seemed to be moving a bit smoother until several of our girls had to leave the competition.  The judges became discourage, but that feeling was not long felt.  We were all blown away by Daniela’s grace and beauty, and we were more than thrilled to title her the winner of LJNTM Cycle 4.  Daniela